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Welcome to the Kinetoplastid Target Database.

The Kinetoplastid Target Database aids the identification and prioritization of potential drug targets from the complete genomes of several species of the kinetoplastid parasites, including T.brucei, T. cruzi, L. braziliensis, L. infantum and L. major, the causative agents of several important tropical diseases including African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis.

This is achieved by coupling a chemistry-led approach to predicting target druggability with information on gene essentiality, predicted selectivity, related parasite orthologs and assessment of structural biology accessibility. Our approach is to integrate information on each of these criteria to enable a rational assessment, at genome-scale, the suitability of each potential kintetoplastid target for drug discovery.

Please be aware that the Kinetoplastid Target Database is still under development and this should be considered a pre-release, non-production version.